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Wood to Metal Self-Drilling Screws

by MaryLouise on 03/20/15

The reamer tek screw, or wood to metal screw, standardly has a flat head with a Phillips drive with "wings" on the shank just above the drill bit and are zinc plated. Wafer heads and rust resistant ceramic coating are also available in limited sizes.

They are a specialized self-drilling screw manufactured specifically for attaching wood products, such as plywood, to aluminum or steel. They are designed to go through wood into metal. The wings ream out the wood. This prevents premature thread engagement prior to the drill point drilling through the steel. Then the wings snap off when they hit metal that is 16 gauge or thicker.  Reamer teks have finer threads so that the body of the screw won’t turn faster than the drill bit. This helps to prevent the screw snapping or heads popping in thicker metals.

Listed below is a drill capacity chart. These screws are available in imports and USA manufactured.

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