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Wood to Metal Screws - Reamer Teks

by MaryLouise on 07/22/15

Ever hear of a self-tapping Reamer Tek Screw? We have them here at All Points Fasteners.

Wood to Metal Screw

This screw is a not a well-known screw but to our educated contractors  it is a necessary screw.   The Reamer Tek is designed to go through wood and into metal or aluminum.  The head on the Reamer Tek is normally flat with a phillips drive and the  threads are finer, which means the screw will not turn faster than the drill bit and will prevent it from breaking, which costs time and money to everyone.  This wood to metal screw can be used on both hardwoods and softwoods.  There are wings on the bottom of this screw which break off when reaching the metal and allows the screw to drill out the wood and then connect to the metal.  The good news is most of your projects do not need to be pre-drilled!

You can use these screws in all types of building projects, such as truck beds, trailer decks, four-wheeler trailers, and horse trailers and even docks.  Can also be used when building decks and metal joists are used.  Once our contractors find out about the reamer tek screw, they continue to use them.  It has become one of our best selling products.  

Many of our customers come to us to ask questions about Reamer Teks before buying. Some of the most common questions are “Will it damage the wood?”  “What sizes will I need?” Reamer Teks are specially designed not to damage the wood.  Reamer Teks come in a variety of sizes for use in all your DIY products involving wood to metal.   If you are not sure of the sizes you need, we have the specifications available to help you choose the right screw for you.  Reamer Teks can be used in 16-gauge metal to 30-gauge metal.  Some sizes may even be able to through 12 gauge metal.  

Here is a helpful chart to determine what size wood to metal screw you need:

Wood To Metal Screw Chart

Do your research!  When buying your metal for your DIY project, verify the gauge metal you are getting because it will make a big difference in the type of fasteners you will need for your project.  The lower the gauge, the thicker the metal.  When calling us, have that information available.  It will give us the information you need to make informed choices.  You do not want to have to reorder the materials for a project you were ready to start tomorrow.  It’s a costly process.

Check out our video on wood to metal reamer tek screws here.

Have any other questions?  Please feel free to call us anytime, and we will be happy to help!

By Guest Blogger Rose Yguado

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