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Tek screws, which are self-tapping fasteners, have a very small carving at the end of its tip called a drill bit. This particular product is very popular since it is basically a self drilling  product cutting back on the number of steps necessary to complete projects. Contractors use them for screwing metal to metal and sometimes wood to metal. Depending on the thickness of the material you are drilling into, you have several drill points available, the longest being a Tek 5, sometimes referred to as a 'beam buster'. These particular screws allow the user to fasten two pieces of material together without pre-drilling.

These screws come in varying sizes. In the case of hex head tek screws, check our our video to help you understand how to determine the size of screws based simply on the size of the hex head plus other additional information.  For more detailed information, such as threads per inch, diameter dimensions, shear and torsional strength etc, click HERE.
Self-drilling screws, tek screws, are available in a variety of shank diameters and lengths as well as head styles.  Depending upon the type of work you are using them will dictate which type you need to complete your project.

Three of the most common types of tek screw heads you will find on the market are the hex head, modified truss and flat heads

Reamer tek screws, self-drilling screws with wings, are the ultimate wood to metal screws.

We are often asked for stainless steel self-drilling screws.  They are available but the tips are not  really the best for drilling into stainless steel. For this application, we suggest bi-metal tek screws, where the body of the screw is stainless but the tip is made of carbon steel which allows the screw to drill into the stainless.

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What are Tek Screws and What Do They Do?
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