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Sheet Metal Screws
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Modified Truss Sheet Metal Screws


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Sheet Metal Modified Truss Screws
With the modified truss screws available at All Points Fasteners, you can expertly tackle any building or home improvement project. This specialized fastener is carefully crafted from the highest quality stainless steel materials and designed for seamless versatility and lasting performance. Modified truss screws are general all-purpose products suitable for a range of different projects including:

  • Woodworking and Furniture Creation 
  • Sheet Metal Installation 
  • Construction and Building Sites
  • Electrical Jobs and Lighting Installations
  • HVAC Maintenance and Installation 

By using our modified truss head screws for your upcoming project, you can expect to improve efficiency, reduce site preparation time and save on job costs. At All Points Fasteners, we supply the largest selection of modified truss screws available with #8 head diameters, several length options and bulk quantities available in up to 16,000 pieces to accommodate your extended needs. Our team of experienced, friendly professionals is happy to help you select the right screw product and provide free screw samples to ensure our fasteners suit your specific job requirements, long-term expectations and budget.
Modified Truss Head Screws for Superior, Lasting Performance
​​With our modified truss screws, you'll never have to sacrifice dependable, heavy-duty performance over cost. At All Points Fasteners, we offer the highest quality goods available at imported prices — all of our truss head screws are manufactured according to the highest industry standards and thoroughly tested to ensure lasting results. You'll find our modified truss head screws have the following:

  • Passivated Coating: With this special coating application, you're assured our modified truss screws can be installed in any environment with improved resistance to corrosion and chemical reactivity. 
  • 410 Stainless Steel: The highest quality steel available, 410 stainless steel is specially heat treated for improved strength and is incredibly rust and heat resistant. Another quality of 410 stainless steel is that it's magnetic, making screw installation simple. 
  • Type A Point: A screw points offer you superior surface penetration for a variety of materials — our modified truss screws can smoothly cut through sheet metal between .15 and .050 thick. 
  • Self-Drilling Design: Save time and effort with the truss screw's self-drilling design. Screws with self-drilling properties do not need a pilot hole before installation. As they're drilled into a surface, they create their own mating thread for a more secure fit. 
  • Modified Truss Phillips Head: A truss head largely resembles a pan head screw, but it has a wider top for a smoother finish and better weight distribution. This wide head design is ideal for sheet metal installations that have large diameter holes.
Find the Right Screws for Your Project With All Points Fasteners
The team at All Points Fasteners has been dedicated to providing the highest quality, most dependable fastener products for our customers for over 30 years. Our selection of screws is guaranteed to provide lasting stability, efficiency and durability for any type of building or installation project. For help choosing the right sheet metal modified truss screw for your needs and budget, consult with one of our team members today — we’ll provide professional expertise on all of our fastener products, detailed data and free product samples to ensure we find the best screw to complete your project right the first time.

To learn more about our modified truss screws, call us today at 800-483-6354 or  complete our online contact form  to request a free product estimate.
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