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Nuts and Bolts of Fasteners

Zip Screws: What Makes a Stronger Zip Screw?

by MaryLouise on 11/13/15

Guest Blogger: Kathy Hayes

We, at All Points, believe that whether you call them Sheet Metal Screws, Self-Piercing, Self-Tapping or Speed Point, whether you are using them for HVAC, Gutter or Siding, one thing is certain, time is money and you can’t waste either. I’m sure there’s nothing more frustrating than balancing on a high pitched roof and having to deal with snapping, misaligned screws. Nothing worse than doing something twice.

Another problem you come across is bombarded with the overwhelming amount of screws to choose from. Well hopefully, we can shed a little light on some choices that are out there. 

Here are some things to consider:

Hex Washer Heads: Our Hex Washer Head Screws are very popular in the industry. The Hex Head is desired because of its strength and stability. An important thing to consider is the height of the Hex Head. The higher the Hex Head, the more stable the screw. The drill chuck has a broader surface to use to reduce the tension placed on the head of the screw. Since the grip is more secure, there is a much lower chance of stripping the screw head. Which I’m sure you know the nightmare trying to remove a stripped screw head can be. In addition with a high performance hex head will help secure the chuck which will help stabilize the drilling and prevent “wobbling”

Fillet: This feature strengthens the screw without increasing the size of the screw shaft. 

Dacroment Salt Spray: This is a treatment that help to slow the natural oxidation of the metal. This is such a fantastic feature, especially since the forecasts are pointing to another icy, wet winter though out the entire U.S and a good part of Canada. (Credit to

Another fact to keep in mind is the type of screw you are looking for. Again, it will save time and money choose the right screw for the right job. For example, a #10 HWH Screw and a #8 HWH Screw will both work for Gutter Instillation, however, with the wood used in current construction projects have more knots than wood from twenty years ago. The #10 HWH has a thicker shaft and the threads are closer together, which slows the screw rotation. The slower rotation causes the screw to self-drill at a more controlled speed. This allows it to drill through knottier, denser wood, where as a #8 HWH has a thinner screw shaft and closer drill threads which increases the chance of snapping and stripping if used for the wrong application.

Our last suggestion to consider is the material the screw is made of. There are a few to choose from. First there is the Stainless Steel/Copper Plated Screw. This screw works really well with Copper Gutters. This screw is made with a 4/10 gauge steel allows this screw to be used with a magnetized drill chuck. 

 Another type of screw that works well with Metal Roofs, are Copper Screws. These screw more closely match the Copper Roof. They are made with a 18-8 gauge metal which means there is a higher percentage of copper. This means they are not magnetic, but they better match the natural Fatima of the copper roof over time.  Copper Gutter Screws

Stainless Steel screw are another great option. Not only are they strong and durable, but they can be easily used with a magnetized drill chuck. They can be painted to match a lot of the popular colors of the newest styles of today’s metal roofs. Its durability is also a great option for the tiny house trends that becoming a creative option of mobile living.

Hopefully you have found this information informative and useful. With the trends of construction constantly changing, it’s hard to know what is out there. Good thing here at All Points, we are here to answer any questions you may have. 

Zip Screws: Gutter Screws

by MaryLouise on 11/06/15

Very soon gutter screws, whether it’s copper, copper plated, or carbon steel, one thing is certain - winter is coming and gutter screws will be in high demand. 

According to the 2015 edition of the Farmers’ Almanac, the winter of 2014–15 will see below-normal temperatures for about three-quarters of the nation. A large zone of very cold temperatures will be found from east of the Continental Divide east to the Appalachians. The most frigid temperatures will be found from the Northern Plains into the Great Lakes. The coldest outbreak of the season will come during the final week of January into the beginning of February, when frigid arctic air drops temperatures across the Northern Plains to perhaps 40 below zero. As the frigid air blows across the Great Lakes, snow showers and squalls will drop heavy amounts of snow to the lee of the Lakes.

Over the eastern third of the country, we are expecting an active storm track with a number of storms delivering copious amounts of snow and rain. Near-normal precipitation is expected for the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest States, and Northern Plains. The Central and Southern Plains are expected to receive above-average precipitation.

We are “red flagging” the first 10 days of January and the first week of February along the Atlantic Seaboard for active wintry weather featuring bouts of heavy precipitation and strong winds. Another red flag timeframe for widespread wintry conditions is the middle part of March from the nation’s midsection to the East Coast. Credited: 

Another unbelievable weather force this year is this year’s El Nino warning. According to the studies’ this El Nino will compare to the 97-98  season. It will cause frequent heavy rain on the west coast and southern state. With the combination of El Nino and the below average temperatures that will hit the eastern seaboard this winter season will be the one of the harshest on record. With the driving rains of El Nino and the freezing wind and snow totals caused by La Nina, this winter will be another tough one.

  As we hunker down for another winter of extreme snow totals, now is a great time to stock up on gutter screws. There are a lot of options out there, but there are some things to take into consideration. For instance, our gutter screws come with a high hat hex washer head. With a high profile hex washer head, your drill chuck has a more secure grip that will lessen the chance of the chuck slipping and stripping the screw head, which is a nightmare to remove. Not to mention the added cost of replacing broken screws that have smaller grip points. 

A few more fantastic feature our gutter screws are that ours are manufactured with several unique features. For instance ours come with a fillet under the screw head. This feature strengthens the screw without increasing the shank size. Our 4/10  dacroment Stainless Steel are treated with a salt spray that coats the screw , preventing rust. They can also be painted to match many of the newer metal roofs available today. Also we carry Copper Screws and Copper Plated Screws. With our Stainless Steel Copper Plated Screws works well with copper roofs and the stainless steel works great with magnetized chucks. Not to mention the oxidation of the metal matches the natural Fatima of the copper roofing. Our Copper Gutter Screws are a perfect match for the copper roofing that is not only beautiful, but so popular in restorations and new constructions. 

So here we go. Most of the country is going to be fighting the elements yet again. We are always here to help your place your gutter screw orders and answer any questions you may have about our Zip Screws and other fasteners needs. 

Tek Screws (Self Drilling Screws) Review and Buying Guide

by MaryLouise on 11/03/15

Self-drilling screws are not very new to the world of fasteners. Because there are many names for the same part, it can end up being very confusing. They are not much different than standard screws but come with distinct features that make them standout clearly from the rest. They are of different types and each type has its specific role to play. The following are some of the common types and how and when they are used:

Self-Tapping Tek Screw

1. Bi-metal and stainless steeltek screws made of this type of material is primarily used for fastening in situations where products made of stainless steel are required. Other situations it can be used include fitting steel to steel, stitching of casing panels as well as fixing composites or timber to aluminum. 

2. Type 17 point- Also known as an auger point can be used to join together profile metal sheets and timber purlins or cement sheets to light sections steel and timber. 

3. Heating & ventilation screws- 8x1/2 hex washer head self-tapping needlepoint and self-drilling screws are the most popular.  is very simple; manufacture and assembly of air conditioning systems as well as ducting. 

4. Hex head for heavy steel- if you are out to fix steel to steel, this head style will be ideal for use as well as when fastening general components and liner panels to steel. They are also good for fixing roofing applications and cladding to both cold and hot rolled rails and purlins. 

5. Hex head for light steel- this head style is also good to fix steel to steel, fasten general components and liner panels to steel in addition to fixing roofing applications and cladding to both cold and hot rolled rails and purlins. 

6. Metal framing- these self-drilling screws are primarily used to fix any steel to steel even though there are many other options available. But, that is the main purpose of the screws.

7. Stitching screws- as the name suggests, use these screws to stitch cladding panels. 

8. Reamer tek screw- if there are any composites and timber to fix to steel, these will be the ideal screws to use for accomplishing that. They are also good for fastening timber to thick steel sections including situations where normal tek screws cannot be used with very hard steels. 

9. Zinc coated- these are another type of screws to consider and are ideal for fastening in situations where you will not require high end corrosion resistant coating. Use them also when fixing composites and timber to steel. 

10. Composite panel fasteners- use these screws to fix roofing applications and cladding to both cold and hot rolled rails and purlins. Other applicable situations are when fastening general components and liner panels to very heavy steel.  

With all these types, the next big thing will be making out how to make the right purchase. You must be in a position of choosing the ideal screws to help accomplish the task you have at hand. If you are not well informed on how to go about your purchase process, it might end up in frustrations once you are stuck. Regardless of whether you are buying your screws from an online store or physical store, you must ensure everything is thorough. 

Plan your purchase well

When you are looking for a quote, you should be ready to supply the following information:

1.  Head style-is it a hex head?  If so, what size hex head will you be using?  (1/4", 5/16", 3/8")or do you need something to go flush?  There are all types of head styles to fit the type of job.

2.  What size shank will the screw need?  The shank is the thickness of the screw.  (#6, #8, #10, #12, #14).  Keep in mind, the higher the number, the thicker the shank.

Self-Tapping Tek Data Chart

Click here for a chart with more detailed information for technical data on self-tapping self drilling screws, which includes the demensions on shank sizes.

3.  How long is the screw?  Very important.  You would measure from underneath the head to the tip of the screw.  

4.  What does the point look like?  Is it sharp?  Does it look like a drill bit?  Does it have a groove at the end?  Let the salesperson know what you will be using it for and they can help you decide.  Are you going through metal, wood?  

5.  Will a zinc plated screw work for you?  Or do you need stainless? copper?  If it's stainless, do you want magnetic, or non-magnetic?

6.  How many do you want and how quickly do you need them?  Remember in the case of painted screws, there is a lead time for painting, so please get your quote early.

Ask questions!  Your sales people are there to help you.  Whoever you are working with will want to get you the right screw at the right price.  All business is designed for customer satisfaction. Nobody wants an unhappy customer.  Doesn't matter if you are a one time customer or a regular account, your sales person wants to make you happy.

Hope this helps you in your pursuit of choosing a fastener.  Whether you are a contractor, purchasing agent for an OEM or a DIY guy/girl, we hope this information help you choose the right screw for the job!

Self-tapping Screws - Sharp Point or Drill Point

by MaryLouise on 07/27/15

Since starting this fastener blog several years ago, one of the most common requests we hear is "I want self-tapping screws".  "I want self tappers".  We hear this more often than not.  We have written several articles on what is the best terminology to use when ordering your screws to make sure you get the right parts and not have to go through the time and expense of returning them to your supplier.  

Summer is here and the building season is booming so this would be a great time to go over this again. Even some employees at fastener supplier houses are confused as to the correct usage of  'self-tapping screw'  Self-tapping is referring to the threads and NOT the point of the screw.  For a more detailed description of fasteners that are often referred to as 'self-tapping', please click here to watch our informative video.

Most of the time, when we hear someone ask for a self tapping screw, they really are looking for a self-drilling screw.  One that has a point sometimes described as looking like a shovel, but in fact, is actually a small drill bit.  The confusion comes with so many different names describing the same screw.  Some are brand names that have just been used for so long that they have become synonymous with the part.   Some names have just been used incorrectly for so long, that you kinda have to give in an say ok.  Like "dove" which is now commonly referred to as "dived". 

Here are the most commonly used terms for the screw that looks like this: 

Self-Tapping Screw

Tek Screws
Self-Drilling Screws
Self-Tapping Screws
Bit Tip Screws

Here is a really helpful self-drilling screw chart that can be used for submittals:

Self-tapping Screw submittals

Please feel free to contact us with your questions regarding self-drilling screws, often called tek screws.  If we don't have the information you need, we'll do our best to point you in the right direction! 

Wood to Metal Screws - Reamer Teks

by MaryLouise on 07/22/15

Ever hear of a self-tapping Reamer Tek Screw? We have them here at All Points Fasteners.

Wood to Metal Screw

This screw is a not a well-known screw but to our educated contractors  it is a necessary screw.   The Reamer Tek is designed to go through wood and into metal or aluminum.  The head on the Reamer Tek is normally flat with a phillips drive and the  threads are finer, which means the screw will not turn faster than the drill bit and will prevent it from breaking, which costs time and money to everyone.  This wood to metal screw can be used on both hardwoods and softwoods.  There are wings on the bottom of this screw which break off when reaching the metal and allows the screw to drill out the wood and then connect to the metal.  The good news is most of your projects do not need to be pre-drilled!

You can use these screws in all types of building projects, such as truck beds, trailer decks, four-wheeler trailers, and horse trailers and even docks.  Can also be used when building decks and metal joists are used.  Once our contractors find out about the reamer tek screw, they continue to use them.  It has become one of our best selling products.  

Many of our customers come to us to ask questions about Reamer Teks before buying. Some of the most common questions are “Will it damage the wood?”  “What sizes will I need?” Reamer Teks are specially designed not to damage the wood.  Reamer Teks come in a variety of sizes for use in all your DIY products involving wood to metal.   If you are not sure of the sizes you need, we have the specifications available to help you choose the right screw for you.  Reamer Teks can be used in 16-gauge metal to 30-gauge metal.  Some sizes may even be able to through 12 gauge metal.  

Here is a helpful chart to determine what size wood to metal screw you need:

Wood To Metal Screw Chart

Do your research!  When buying your metal for your DIY project, verify the gauge metal you are getting because it will make a big difference in the type of fasteners you will need for your project.  The lower the gauge, the thicker the metal.  When calling us, have that information available.  It will give us the information you need to make informed choices.  You do not want to have to reorder the materials for a project you were ready to start tomorrow.  It’s a costly process.

Check out our video on wood to metal reamer tek screws here.

Have any other questions?  Please feel free to call us anytime, and we will be happy to help!

By Guest Blogger Rose Yguado

Self-Tapping Zip Screws - Oodles of Options!

by MaryLouise on 04/10/15

Zip screws, aka needle point screws, have self-piercing points and twin-fast threads that are perfect for screwing through light gauge metal. We suggest them for 30 gauge down to 24. Everyone is familiar with the versions that are zinc plated.  They are very popular with the HVAC industry for round and square duct work. These are generally used for interior projects where rust isn't a major concern.

Another version of the zip screw, needle point screw, is one that is designed for the gutter industry.  With a high profile 1/4" hex head on a #10 shank, rather than the normal 5/16 hex chuck.  It also features a fillet underneath the head for extra strength.

If additional rust resistance is required due to weather or application, ceramic coated zip screws and stainless zip screws are available.

In addition to 1000 hour salt spray protection, the heads of these screws are also frequently painted to match siding, gutters or metal roofs!

Bonded Neoprene washers can be fitted for metal roofs.

Zip screws with the Type 17 point, or auger point, helps the screws to start easier. The 'cut out' at the point of the screw allows the displaced wood to escape and, therefore, keeps the wood from splitting. The high/low threads contribute to stronger fastening and greater resistance to pull out.  
Most zip screws are simply zinc plated, however, for areas where rust might be a concern, there are stainless steel needle point screws available.  They are available in magnetic (410 stainless) and non-magnetic (18-8 stainless).  The benefit of 18-8 stainless is that here is no carbon steel so there is no surface rust at all, however, that means the screws will not be magnetic.  The 410 stainless zip screws will be magnetic, however, overtime, some surface rust will become apparent.  We have gone one step further to protect from surface rust.  Our 410 stainless screws also have a ceramic coating for additional protection.

And finally, there are zip screws with ceramic coated with 500 to 1000 salt spray tested plating.  These are also available with their heads painted to match gutters or metal roofing. 

Wood to Metal Self-Drilling Screws

by MaryLouise on 03/20/15

The reamer tek screw, or wood to metal screw, standardly has a flat head with a Phillips drive with "wings" on the shank just above the drill bit and are zinc plated. Wafer heads and rust resistant ceramic coating are also available in limited sizes.

They are a specialized self-drilling screw manufactured specifically for attaching wood products, such as plywood, to aluminum or steel. They are designed to go through wood into metal. The wings ream out the wood. This prevents premature thread engagement prior to the drill point drilling through the steel. Then the wings snap off when they hit metal that is 16 gauge or thicker.  Reamer teks have finer threads so that the body of the screw won’t turn faster than the drill bit. This helps to prevent the screw snapping or heads popping in thicker metals.

Listed below is a drill capacity chart. These screws are available in imports and USA manufactured.

Zip Screws, Tek Screws - Why Do We Ask So Many Questions?

by MaryLouise on 10/14/14

I work for All Points Fasteners, a distributor/importer of zip screws and tek screws.

On that note, I call contractors all day long. I leave a lot of messages, and send out a lot of emails. But, when I AM able to connect with a potential customer, it makes all of the leg work worth it. I've found that I can build a rapport with most contractors that I get contact. However, I do experience a high volume of "information" gathering, due to the type of work I do. But every now and then, I encounter someone who seems to believe that my phone call is a waste of their time from the very beginning of that phone call.

Therefore, I thought I'd address this issue, and I hope to shed some light on what it is I'm trying to accomplish with the first phone call.

What are we losing in NOT giving a qualified sales person, who has access to a quality product you use on a regular basis, the time of day?

Let's explore this question.

Qualifying questions help me determine, quickly and efficiently, whether or not my call will either waste your time or greatly benefit you and your business.

Do you have a need for the sheet metal screws or fasteners we distribute?

How is your current supplier treating your needs?

What are the risks for your company, in developing a relationship with a NEW supplier?

What are the benefits?

How can our product elevate your business?

WILL it elevate or benefit your business?

Are there any complications your company consistently deals with, with your current supplier’s product or mode of conduct?

Will our product help you get over those “bumps”?

Have you had bad experiences with purchasing outside of your current supplier, before?

What would you need to know, in order to be comfortable with taking a step in a different direction?

I've realized that companies that are interested in how they can better their company and THEIR services offered, will always keep one ear open for opportunity. These are the people I try to connect with, on a daily basis.

Let me help us both determine how our company can link up with yours and make you stronger. We want to be a part of your company’s growth, and feel secure in knowing that we are constantly striving to anticipate your company’s need for not only quality zip screws, tek screws, and fasteners… but for good customer service, as well. 

Zip screws and Tek Screws - We've Got Your Back!

by MaryLouise on 09/15/14

We're not JUST about zip screws and tek screws! Sometimes contractors have specific and specialized needs and their needs must be met in a timely manner.

We’re proven to be a reliable and trusted distributor/importer of sheet metal screws. That’s our “claim to fame”.

But what about when you get a job that calls for something above or outside of the norm? You have no time to figure out what company’s screws do the best most efficient job. In addition, which supplier provides those parts that will work for you at the most economical price? Now you have got to take the time to figure out who sells what, ask around for referrals, figure out who would be most cost effective yet reliable company to buy from, right?


We broker hard to find fasteners, as well as provide our standard zip screws and tek screws that our customers have come to trust and stick with. So, no need to ‘make the rounds, knowing that we are just a phone call, a click, or an email away!

We're a one stop shop for ALL different types of fasteners, including "specialty" fasteners. We provide the opportunity for contractors to be able to call in for their most often used items, IN ADDITION to different, more obscure items that must be acquired for a particular job, and they know they can always rely on us. We are always here to fulfill any customary need.

Give us a shot first in finding your specialty item? We're guaranteed to give it our best, using trusted suppliers. Let us do the work, for you! We’re happy to add that service to the list of services we’re already on top of, so you can continue forward with the projects you need and want to get underway. Business builds and rolls forward, but only if you’re able to stand of the shoulders of trusted business relations, from the beginning of a bid to the outset of the actual job!

Stand on our shoulders! We’re strong, and we've been supporting the business ventures of our valued clients for over 25 years! We've got you. J

As we are so fond of saying: We are SO much more than just zip screws and tek screws! 

Self Drilling Tek Type Screw

by MaryLouise on 09/10/14

Self Drilling Tek Type Screws! 

Teacher taps ruler against desk:  

Class is in session! 

Back in the day, the original self drilling screws were designed by Buildex.

Their brand name was "Tek" screw. They became so popular that the word "tek" screw is now synonymous with self drilling screw. What they did specifically was decide to put a drill bit at the end of the screw so that it would keep people from having to pre-drill the hole first before they used the screw. This obviously saved a tremendous amount of time and money. The original self drilling screw had a tall head with what are commonly called "serrations" under the washer so they would lock like a locking washer. It was a real quality part, it allowed the screw to lock into the application like a “locking washer”. This part was originally made in the USA. When the importers overseas got ahold of this idea, their idea on how to promote THEIR self-drilling screws (or "teks") was that they were now going to be cheaper to buy, because labor and materials were less expensive overseas, etc.

But unfortunately, over time, they took the serrations out from under the head, shaved down the heads, and because they had less material to use, it was less expensive it was to make them. After a while, it slowly became harder to sell imported screws to contractors who still cared about quality.

What followed after this phenomenon was the common association that if you're buying screws from overseas, then they must be bad quality, right? Wrong.

All Points Fasteners decided to go back to the old fashioned tek screw, and we had the manufacturer PUT BACK the tall heads and the serrations, but with a much more reasonable PRICE. We knew back then, and we know now, that there will always be a market for quality. This is a huge part of our business, so much so that it has actually become one of our company's motto's: Domestic Quality at an Imported Price. 

Part of the way that we ensure that our quality never wavers is that we only use one trusted manufacturer to make our own, particular brand. Our manufacturer has never done anything but right by us, and we've always extended that expectation down to our customers. It’s the only right thing to do. And that principal has afforded us our valuable customers who haven’t gone to any other importer distributor in 25 years.

Yet, there are contractors out there who don’t even know if they’re using domestics or imports. To them we say: take a chance, and see for yourself. Here is our motto: Domestic quality tek screws at an IMPORTED PRICE. 

Buying Self-Tapping Tek Style Screws Bulk

by MaryLouise on 06/23/14

modified truss tek screwWhy should you consider buying in bulk when you can buy in small quantities? That’s too many… right?


We realize that smart business owners are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs for their companies. Bulk purchasing is when an actual contractor, or ‘end user’ reaps the benefits of buying goods, wholesale. This allows for the contractor to reach more of his demands with our product, at a much lower cost than what he would get from his local supplier, in most cases.

There are contractors out there who put in an order for supplies, and need them there, that same day. There are circumstances where convenience is definitely a priority. However, there are obviously items that contractors use EVERY DAY, and this is where we come in with savings, AND a quality product. We provide zip and tek screws in bulk at lower, distributor pricing. Contractors can take advantage of more of a ‘use value’ for the money they’ve spent. For any kind of ‘non-perishable’ item that one uses all the time, it just makes sense! 

Buying in bulk is not the ultimate solution for everyone, we realize that. But, we are always available to help a potential customer come to a decision about what would be cost effective to purchase from us, in bulk… and what would not. We are knowledgeable about which products have guaranteed usage for contractors, and which products are less in demand.

Strategizing your need for screws and then realizing where your budget could greatly benefit from buying in bulk is something that all contractors would do well to consider. The results can be very much worth it. 

And lastly, consider the story of the Ant & The Grasshopper. The Ant showed foresight and planning, when stocking up for the winter months ahead… whereas the Grasshopper was content to continue on with his routine, unchanged. We think there is definite, applicable wisdom to the Ant’s strategy, and if we didn't already have Professor Screwart as our official mascot, we would definitely have the Ant from this fable on speed dial!  The nice thing about zip screws and tek screws is they 'aint bananas and won't go bad.

Tek Screws and Zip Screws - Buying Online

by MaryLouise on 04/25/14

K-Lathe Self-Tapping Tek ScrewsAlthough we still specialize in selling self tapping self-piercing screws (zip screws) and self-tapping self-drilling screws (tek screws) through direct marketing, our business has expanded from what it used to be. We were, and still are, one of the most reliable resources for contractors for screws and fasteners. But, with the advent of the internet, we are now more available to contractors than we ever were before. 

From flowers to shoes, buying online is now common place.  But contractor supplies are not so simple and even a good website requires excellent live support.  We provide that not only with live chat but with the phone support we have always provided for the last 30 years.  We’d like to stress how valuable all these options are in today’s market.  We offer contractors many resources with our online website/catalog such as:

Convenience - In the “old days”, contractors had to spend valuable time making appointments with supplier representatives to come out and show a product, get pricing, etc. Sometimes contractors would even have to travel TO different supply houses and comparison shop for a supplier. With contractor hourly rates, standing in line waiting to pay for parts can get pretty expensive. We cut all of that out of the equation. We offer detailed product information, pictures, application and technical information on many products. We do everything that we can to ensure that we meet each customer’s expectations.

Selection – We offer a FULL, online catalog with detailed information on each of our products, so you can simply find what you need, look at the part, read the specifications, and even ask an online customer service representative for help with any questions that you may have. That way you can make a selection that fits your immediate needs and saves you valuable time.

Personalized Service - We provide connections to live customer service representatives on our website, in the form of chat boxes in “real time” for any specific questions or concerns you may have, which so many other online stores are lacking.

Online Tutorials - One of the very unique benefits we offer are videos listed on our website that can help contractors further identify uses and application information for several different items and industries. We've had several compliments from contractors regarding these useful tools we've provided.  

Free shipping (for qualified customers): We are able to save you time and money by shipping the parts you need directly to your doorstep. No travel required, no lines to wait in, no bad customer service issues. Just simple, direct and easy, leaving you much more time to complete other important projects. 

We pride ourselves on being one of the top distributors around and offering such specific, online perks. We've gone the extra mile with regards to convenience and efficiency for contractors.  We believe we've set the bar higher in our industry and that’s the way we like it! 

We are so much more than self tapping zip screws and tek screws!

Selling Zip and Tek Screws - The Art of Customer Service

by MaryLouise on 04/05/14

By Rebecca Marcotulli:

Mastering customer service, so you don't have to perform 'customer service'. When I first started this job, selling tek screws and zip screws, I knew I had the right intentions in mind. But, I also knew there were things I needed to focus on, in order to make this position fulfilling, all the way around. Fulfilling for our customers, for our prospects and for the company I work for itself. 

What were my goals?
What were my priorities? 
What could I bring to the table, for all involved? 

It always starts with the customer. When you put yourself in their shoes, you are just much more geared to be a valued source. What are their needs? In what ways can I benefit their business? Having this particular mindset during a conversation with a prospect or a customer pretty much guarantees a healthy, business relationship. 

How can I answer questions or concerns that any contractor would understandably have for me, during an introductory phone call? 
Answer: By having a thorough and consistent knowledge of my product. By having confidence in the product that I’m selling. By staying on top of a changing market and doing the best I can to offer the best deals, and the products that are conformed to suit their business. But more importantly, by understanding the customer’s needs from the beginning. 

What is customer service? 
Answer: Service to the customer: before, during and AFTER the order is placed.

This is why I ask questions. Questions that are constructed FROM THE BEGINNING to find out what I can do to benefit the customer. 

“What items are you using the most of”? 
“What application are you putting your current fasteners through”? 
“What are you main concerns when it comes to screws/fasteners”? 
“What quantities would work for your overall needs, while saving you the most money”? 
Questions like these guide both me, and the contractor I’m speaking to along a certain path. The path to a mutually beneficial relationship between my company and our customers, a path to success. We are always geared towards gathering information that can only benefit the client.
Taking the time, in the beginning, to find out more about a customer’s needs, and listening, REALLY listening, are key to my position, here. 
Another position I take when I’m on the phone with a prospective client: I pretend I am THEM. 
Now, before you jump to the conclusion that I am off my rocker, this I what I mean by that statement. 
I put myself in the customer’s shoes, IN THE BEGINNING. 
“What would I want to have happen, if I were the person on the other end of the line”? 
“What would make ME happy”? 
“What would make ME satisfied”? 
Thinking along those lines from the beginning goes a long way towards creating a productive, functioning, business relationship, from the start. 
One of the most important lessons I've learned along my road to learning better customer service: Accept responsibility: 
This kind of attitude means that we truly start out with an attitude of servitude. In other words, we are here for YOU. If there is something we can do BETTER, we will do everything in our power to do so. Having an open mind and attitude as representatives of this company allows for the quickest, most efficient process, possible. 
Another one of the ideologies I try to stand by is: “Leave the customer with more service than he/she was expecting to get”.  Helping a customer make the correct and most cost-effective decision is paramount, in what I do.  
Lastly, we are not entirely selfless in our pursuit to be Number One in customer service in our industry.  We realize that a strong business connection with our customers can only instill an even stronger foundation under our own feet.  It also confirms that All Points Fasteners stands out, among the many suppliers available to contractors. We understand that the more successful our clients are, the more successful our business is. 
I want to change the perception people have about telecommunications. I want them to finish a conversation with me, having full confidence that I've just provided them with quality, and lasting service. I want them to feel GOOD about having received my call.   
The goal, ultimately, ends up being this: 

Good Customer Service. So, I don’t end up doing any… ‘customer service’. 

What Do All the Numbers Mean?

by MaryLouise on 03/24/14

De-coder ring

Did you ever read the label and wonder what all the numbers represented? Well, here’s your decoder ring!

Example:  12-24 X 7/8 Hex Washer Head Self Drilling #3 Drill Bit

12 - Represents the thickness of the shank. Think dress size. The bigger the number, the thicker the shank.  

24 – Represents the number of Threads per Inch also known as TPI.  The higher the number, the finer the threads, which are best used in metal applications. The fewer the threads per inch, the coarser the threads, the faster the screw will drive and are the preferred threading for wood applications or wood studs.

7/8 – measurement from underneath the head to the tip of the screw.  In the case of flat headed screws, the length is measured from the top of the screw to the point.

#3 Drill Bit Drill bit tips range from #2 to #5.  They do not represent the size of the hole that they will drill but do represent the thickness of metal they will drive through.  But we will save that for another tip!

Self Drilling (Tek® Screw) Primer - It's All About Education

by MaryLouise on 02/10/14

Sharing our knowledge of commercial fasteners such as self drilling screws, also known as tek screws, with contractors is important to us. Based on years of experience having to match screw requirements with nothing more than descriptive word phrases, we knew the primer teaching contractors how distributors call out fastener specs would be beneficial and probably save not only time but money when ordering screws. And we know that the more information we arm contractors with on the screws they could be using to improve their business, the more we will be contributing to their success. 

So, All Points Fasteners is all about presenting solutions that solve real problems for contractors.

We Love Christmas!

by MaryLouise on 12/23/13

Merry Christmas from All Points Fasteners!

It's time to set aside the day to day job of selling tek screws and zip screws for now 'tis the season for gifts, great food, family and travel. Most of us can relate to the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, running around town for last minute Christmas gifts, coordinating holiday plans and travel, grocery shopping, cooking, decorating the house, etc. But, what’s it really all about? We put in all this time and effort to create an atmosphere of cheer and wonder for the holiday season. In keeping with the spirit of the season, what do we think would be the perfect capper on any evening of Christmas celebration? 

ALL POINTS FASTENERS would like to take time out to remind us of the forgotten art of Christmas Storytelling! 

Picture it: you’ve just had dinner, you’re stuffed, and now the kids run to sit in front of the television, in some other part of the house while all the grownups sit at the table and discuss…. Business, politics, or family matters. 

What happened to gathering around the fireplace and telling a story? 

There was a time when everyone would gather around the consummate “storyteller” of the family and listen to that timeless classic “Twas The Night Before Christmas”,or some such other Christmas classic, in front of a group of enthralled children and...dare we say it… adults. 

Let’s dust the cobwebs off of the long, lost tradition of storytelling during Christmas. It’s a great way to bring everyone together, in an organic and festive way.

How great would it be to watch your children’s eyes light up as you recount any classic Christmas story of their choosing? 

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
A Christmas Carol
The Little Drummer Boy 
The Nutcracker 
The Twelve Days of Christmas

These classic Christmas stories can be told at any point during the Christmas season and are a great way to bring your family even closer together, during the holidays. 

Pull up a comfortable chair, dim the lights (all but the Christmas tree!), gather the kids around and open up one of these story books. Delight the kids and honor a wonderful, old tradition: Tell a Christmas story for the whole family! 

We hope this idea lends itself to a very wonderful Christmas experience for you, and your family. 

Everyone here at All Points Fasteners would like to wish you a Very, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Gutter Zip Screws - Our New Primer!

by MaryLouise on 10/07/13

Gutter zip screws primer. We are proud to present the third in our series of product primers.

Gutter screws.  They're not what they were during the 80's or 90's.  Like everything else, time has evolved from what used to be a standard 8 x 1 1/2 hex washer needlepoint zip screws  

to our beefy 10 x 1 1/2 hex washer head  needlepoint zip screws with a high profile 1/4" hex head  and a fillet underneath the head to give it extra strength.

One nice feature of this screw is that even though it has a #10 shank it has a 1/4 hex head which is standard with a #8 screw.  Since the gutter and siding industry uses #8 screws, the #8 style head was used on this screw so that the installers wouldn't have to constantly be changing the chucks in their drills from 1/4 inch to 5/16 inch magnetic drivers. In addition, there is a high profile head on the screws so that they will stay in the drivers and not fall out. 

Another option for zip screws used in siding and gutters, is the choice to have a ceramic coating, anywhere from 500 to 1200 salt spray hours of testing, 

Screws with this dacromet coating are perfect for areas that are exposed to moisture and wet weather.  They are also available with the heads painted to match popular siding colors.

For copper gutters, there are many more options available than what was in the past.
Stainless steel zip screws, magnetic and non-magnetic, and copper plated stainless zip screws match the copper gutters.

Copper zip screws

So many more choices for gutter screws!

Building Relationships One Call At a Time

by MaryLouise on 08/22/13

I find that when I call a potential customer to introduce our zip screws and tek screws, the very first concern I have is recognizing the value of their time. An understanding of that principal is an important key to being a conscientious sales person. We live in a fast-paced world, and the necessity for commerce, not to mention the level of competition in the market-place, can make it very easy to lose contact with the human touch. But, when we get right down to it, most people want the same thing. To be treated fairly, and with respect. When I receive any sort of interruption in my daily routine, such as receiving a sales call, it throws me off of my current track. So, the first thing I have to wonder is… is this other track a track I’d like to be on? I have to understand that this may be the sort of thing that other potential clients or customers ask themselves, when they first get on the phone with me, during their busy day. I started with this company, because I recognized its’ value to the customers, to the marketplace, and to me. I do the best I can to extend that trust and availability to each and every person I speak with on the phone, whether it be for the first time, or for the hundredth. What makes this job a priority to me, and to my customers, is knowing that I’m supplying a steady, quality product to the heating and air conditioning industry (among other industries) at a reasonable rate. But, there’s more to my job, than that! I like getting to know people. In our instant gratification, transient society, it’s often essential to tap into a customer’s needs, while also respecting their time. But, sometimes, the ‘red tape’ can get in the way. That’s why building relationships with my customers is what I do. But, I’m always happy to make them smile, before and after the fact! A smile and a laugh during a long, busy workday can go a long way towards rejuvenating the energy of all involved. I’m proud of the fact that our customers trust me enough to place some of their company needs and information in my hands. After those needs are met, I will check in on a routine basis, to make sure that those needs are continually met. I hope I get a chance to extend a warm welcome from our company to yours! Rebecca Marcotulli New Account Specialist

Zip Screws And Tek Screws, Watch Out!

by MaryLouise on 07/08/13

    We're excited to introduce our New Account Specialist, Rebecca Marcotulli. Rebecca oversees developing new accounts with potential clients, with the intent of procuring new business relationships with businesses that use zip screws and tek screws. This position was designed specifically with Rebecca's unique talents in mind. Her job description entails contacting potential buyers and qualifying their specific fastener needs.

Rebecca has over 15 years of experience with "cold calling", and has always had a knack for building a rapport with people she's just been introduced to. This proficiency with creating immediate friendships with strangers was most likely facilitated and developed through interaction with her father's 35 years of experience in telecommunications.

One amusing anecdote is how her father would occasionally put her on the phone at 6 or 7 years of age, where Rebecca would parrot what she'd heard her father say time and time again to prospective customers: "Frank, I hope you're sitting down, because I've got a price that's gonna knock you off your feet", etc. Buyers were often amused by this pint sized, new addition to the conversation.

In lieu of her somewhat eccentric, "Traveling Salesman" sort of background, we've created a position for her unique talents. Rebecca is also a talented musician and singer/songwriter, and her consistently outgoing attitude  has made her a valued, new addition to our team.  Zip Screws And Tek Screws, watch out!  Becca's come to town!

All Points Fasteners Looking for Brand Representitives

by MaryLouise on 06/03/13

All Points Fasteners is one of the leading fastener companies in our industry and we are looking to expand our sales team by hiring Brand Representatives.
The economy is beginning to move again, and the need for our products in the heating and air conditioning field is booming.

This is a ground floor opportunity for the right people, who are looking to work from home, make their own hours, and create their own success. We need Brand Representatives who are familiar with the fastener industry. The demand for our products is rising. The possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for a new opportunity with a proven company, this could be the right fit for you.
Contact us today to discuss career opportunities.

-Work from home
-A unique opportunity to develop your own business
-Work the hours you want to work
-Leads are provided
-No start up costs
-Work with a team oriented company
-Determine your own pay rate related to the amount of sales you achieve
-Enjoy the freedom of your own business without administrative costs
-Training and support always available

Contact - Rosemarie Yguado
Human Resources
Phone - 505-916-0705

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