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Sheet Metal Screws
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Sheet Metal Screws
Flat, Hex and More Sheet Metal Screw Sizes and Heads

Sheet metal screws have expanded far beyond their namesake and have many uses past the early sheet metal ventilation duct connections. Grooves and thread on today’s self-tapping and self-piercing varieties allow them to work in many applications and surfaces.

By carving out their own grooves in materials and eliminating the need for pre-drilling, hex and flat head sheet metal screws are finding widespread adoption and multiple new designs. Some of the latest changes allow your team to use a variety of tools to work in the screws, and threading that runs the entire length of the screw can now provide a better hold.

Flat Head Sheet Metal Screw Heads
All Points Fasteners offers flat head, truss, oval and hex head sheet metal screws. These are designed to give your team access with a standard toolkit. Many of your HVAC operations will call for a slotted hex head sheet metal screw to make future work easier, while the flat head sheet metal screws can provide a longer-lasting hold that’ will give you a flat, smooth finish.

We offer high-quality fasteners at great prices and can deliver almost all of the sheet metal screw sizes on the market. Our Type A and A/B sheet metal screws meet almost all standard applications, but if we don’t have it already in stock, we’ll find it for you. The All Points commitment is to get you the screws you need right away.

Type 17 Point Self-Tapping Sheet Metal Screws
 Self-tapping Type 17 sheet metal screws use a notched tip that operates essentially as a drill bit, eliminating the need for you to drill a pilot hole. That saves your team time and frustration, while moving beyond the limitations of previous versions.

Modern self-tapping sheet metal screws can even bite into metal and harder materials that would have required a pilot hole for older tapping screws.

How to Use Sheet Metal Screws
​Now that you’re a bit more familiar with the sheet metal screw sizes and offerings of All Points Fasteners, it’s time to get started.

The best news about our self-tapping and self-piercing sheet metal screws is you only need a power drill and a screwdriver bit for the best operation. Simply load the bit and seat the bit head in your sheet metal screw. Line it up and start drilling at a perpendicular angle.

Be sure to ease up on the drill when the screw is almost seated to avoid stripping its threads. That’s how easy it is to use sheet metal screws for just about any application.

Learn More Now

​All Points Fasteners has a huge selection of sheet metal screws, and our experts can help you make the right selection for any job. Our goods are precision-engineered and manufactured. We’re so confident that we’ll even send you a free sample. Call us today to see how much you’ll save with All Points.

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