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Drywall Framing Screws Self-Drilling

Panhead Framing Screw

#2 Phillips Drive

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Self-Drilling Drywall Framing Screws
At All Points Fasteners, we understand the importance of finding the highest quality, most dependable fastener products available to ensure hassle-free installations, lasting results and durable performance. That’s why we supply the finest self-drilling drywall framing screws — with their innovative, detailed design, superior manufacturing and quality finishes, drywall installation and renovation is fast and straightforward.

The self-drilling qualities of our drywall framing screws reduce material damage and make installations quicker. The tip of our self-drilling drywall screws easily cuts through drywall, soft metal or wood without the need for pre-drilling a pilot hole, allowing the screw thread to easily catch the metal studs in a perfectly sized hole. With a self-drilling screw, you can have:

  • Faster and more efficient project completions with minimal damage.
  • Consistent, long-term screw performance.
  • Minimal site preparation and reduced mess.

When you need quality framing screws specifically designed to fit your building project, rely on the quality and expertise only available at All Points Fasteners. We strive to provide our customers with fastener products manufactured according to the highest quality standards, so they are durable, reliable and have lasting performance.
Self-Drilling Drywall Screws at All Points Fasteners
For building projects, having the right products determines how effectively your installations are completed and how quickly and cost-effective the total job is. We offer several drywall and framing screws designed for optimal results and featuring:

  • Pan head Phillips drive point tips that have a lower profile and slightly rounded top with sharp vertical edges that can be easily removed later without damaging the screw or insertion materials.
  • Serrations under the head of the screw for additional locking strength where the screw and drywall or metal materials meet for improved durability and security.
  • Fully threaded manufacturing that allows the screw to easily catch when being drilled and have a better distribution of the tension and weight of the securing materials for quality results.
  • A self-drilling design for faster, easier and cleaner installation without time-consuming preparation leading to more efficient project completion.
  • Zinc or black phosphate plating that improves corrosion and moisture resistance. Screws with black phosphate also feature improved friction for sliding components for better stability and hold.
Contact All Points Fasteners Today for Drywall Screws — Domestic Quality at Imported Prices
If you’re looking for the best self-drilling drywall screws and other project fasteners, look no further than the products available at All Points Fasteners. We’re an American owned and operated company with over 30 years of experience stocking and supplying businesses with the highest quality, most practical fastener and drywall screw products available. Our team of experienced, helpful professionals believes in reliable, affordable solutions and are available to answer live questions and provide guidance on which self-drilling drywall screws will work best for your project needs and long-term expectations. To ensure exceptional customer service, we offer free estimates and free screw samples.

Learn more about our self-drilling drywall framing screws today by  completing our online form  or calling 800-483-6354 to speak to a team member.
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