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Sheet Metal Screws
Type A and A/B Point

Phillips Flat Head Sheet Metal Screws

Sheet Metal

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Phillips Flat Head Sheet Metal Screws
One of our most popular types of screws, our Phillips flat head sheet metal screws feature a corrosion-resistant zinc plating for impressive performance even in humid environments.

If you have sheet metal to install, consider our top-quality flat head screws. Thanks to our reliable and efficient manufacturer and bulk quantities, we can offer you great value. That’s how we can offer domestic quality at an imported price on all of our screws and fasteners.

Phillips flat head sheet metal screws cover a broad range of needs and are also available in stainless steel. The self-tapping point saves you time, since you don’t need to drill pilot holes. Other features make these screws a popular choice across many sheet metal applications:

•  Type A and type A/B points for fast and easy piercing
•  Zinc-plated steel that resists corrosion in humidity and contact with other metals
•  Flat heads for a clean, smooth and snag-free surface once installed
•  Common Phillips #2 driver heads for fast and easy installation

It’s easy to see why our Phillips flat head screws are so popular. The consistent quality means you can pick and install at a fast pace, without having to worry about faulty or broken screws. The conical bearing surface allows our sheet metal screws to sink flush with your surface while providing high strength and load-carrying ability.
The Advantages of Turning to All Points Fasteners
On top of our great selection of Phillips flat head sheet metal screws — we carry 50 different lengths and diameter choices — we can offer other impressive services, such as:

•  Free samples to try before you place your order
•  Sourcing screws and fasteners that you don’t find in our catalog
•  Bulk quantities in cases ranging from 2,000 to 25,000 pieces
•  Free quotation for single or multiple screw and fastener types

Simply give us a call and tell us which screws and quantities you’re interested in. You can also fill out our online contact form or use our handy online messenger. One of our sales reps will get back to you quickly with the pricing information you’re looking for.

We can also guide you in your search for sheet metal screws and help you decide if our Phillips flat head sheet metal screws are the right choice or if another type of screw is better-suited to your application. Our team looks forward to hearing from you and becoming your trusted source for all of your screws and fasteners.

With quality, value and top-notch customer service, we know that we have the sheet metal screw solutions you’re looking for.
Phillips Flat Head Type A & A/B Screw

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