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Magnetic Socket Drivers

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Magnetic Socket Drivers
Magnetic socket drivers, also known as nutsetters or hex chucks, can provide a faster, easier fastener, nut, screw or bolt installation. At All Points Fasteners, you’ll find a wide selection of high-quality socket drivers that will save time at the construction site and increase your productivity. We feature magnetic socket drivers in various sizes and lengths to meet every job-site demand. Socket drivers include extra-strong magnets that will hold the bit securely in place to ensure peak performance.

We complement our magnetic-socket-driver inventory with premium acoustical eye lag drivers and hex magnetic bit tip holders equipped with C-rings. The acoustic eye lag drivers are easy to use and feature an advanced hardening process for maximum durability. The hex magnetic bit tip holder is made from shock-resistant steel and can accommodate 1/4-inch bits.
We Also Offer Power Bits For Sale
All Points Fasteners is also your one-stop headquarters for Phillips head power bits designed for use with power drill chucks and chuck adapters. In addition, we sell an assortment of square power bit offerings. Made in the USA to meet the highest quality standards, these power bits will deliver reliable performance and last much longer than most foreign-made products. Power bits are available in various lengths to meet any job-site requirement or application.
All Points Fasteners: The Best Combination of Quality and Price
Some fastener suppliers offer great products that cost an arm and a leg, while others sell cheap items that fail to meet performance expectations. At All Points Fasteners, you get the best of both worlds. We sell fasteners and related items only from leading manufacturers with a solid reputation for quality and reliability. You’ll also find that our prices are much lower than many of our competitors. And with our monthly specials, you can save even more on many of our in-stock items.
We Also Provide the Best Support in Our Industry
If you’re like many of our customers, you’re not always sure which product will work best for your projects. We give you access to a knowledgeable representative via live chat so you can learn more about any item and make an informed purchasing decision — in this way, we take all the mystery out of buying online. If you have trouble finding the exact product you need, just let us know, and we’ll use our extensive industry connections to quickly locate it for you.
Take a Closer Look at Our Magnetic-Socket-Driver Inventory
Please take a few minutes to browse our current selection of magnetic socket drivers, acoustical eye lag drivers, bit tip holders and power bits. We also invite you to contact us for additional product information and a no-obligation quote.
Magnetic Socket Drivers
Acoustical Eye Lag Drivers
Hex Magnetic Bit Tip Holders Stainless 1/ C Ring
Power Bits
MADE in the USA

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