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Painted Button Head Rivets

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Painted Button Head Rivets
Button head rivets, also known as pop rivets, offer the combined ability to fasten a product during assembly while also enhancing its appearance. One way to improve or customize the look of a button head rivet is to add color by painting it. Painted pop rivets enable the end user to customize the look of a product or ensure they match it precisely to make the rivets less visible.
High-quality colored pop rivets typically entail a manufacturing process where the body of the rivet is painted before final assembly to prevent paint from getting on the mandrel and clogging the rivet-setting device or tool.
All Points Fasteners:
A Trusted Supplier of Painted Pop Rivets

All Points Fasteners is pleased to offer a large assortment of painted rivets at competitive prices. We feature painted aluminum rivets available in numerous attractive colors such as almond, cranberry, wicker, sea blue and desert mauve. You’ll also find steel painted rivets in black, royal brown, cream and white, as well as stainless steel painted pop rivets in white and colonial grey. Check out the chart below for all available painted rivet colors and their corresponding color codes.
Painted Pop Rivet Applications
Painted rivets work well for a broad range of applications where adding or matching color is desirable. For example, you can use them with raised lettering on signs or to secure running lights on trailers and reflectors. You can also use them to attach nameplates, hang doors and windows, attach acoustical ceilings, install fiberglass roofing and much more.
What Makes All Points Fasteners the Best Painted Rivet Supplier?
While there are many colored-rivets suppliers, few can match All Points Fasteners when it comes to the combination of selection, quality and cost. We offer products from only reputable manufacturers — mostly U.S.-based — and focus on keeping our prices affordable. Our goal is to remove the uncertainty that comes with purchasing fasteners online.
We Also Offer the Best Support in Our Industry
Most colored-rivet suppliers give you access to a website and leave everything else up to you. At All Points Fasteners, we take a more customer-oriented approach. You’ll be able to engage in a live online chat with a knowledgeable representative who can answer your questions and provide the information you need to make an informed buying decision. If you can’t find the exact item you need in our online inventory, just let us know so we can locate it for you promptly. Free samples are also available for many of the rivets in our stock.
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