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Pan Head Self-Drilling Screws


Self-Drilling Screws
Drywall / Roofing

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Pan Head Self-Drilling Screws
All Points Fasteners’ pan head self-drilling screws feature a lower profile than oval or round screws, a flat or slightly rounded top and sharp vertical edges. Their unique design is suitable for high-torque installations into wood or metal. Use them for all general purpose applications including construction, HVAC and other installations, roofing and more.

All Points Fasteners carries an extensive selection of pan head screws in various sizes and configurations including stainless steel. Keep reading to learn more or contact a sales representative directly to place an order or request a sample .
Available Pan Head Screws
Our current inventory of self-drilling pan head screws includes:

•  Square pan head screws: Our square pan head screws are made of zinc-coated steel for weather resistance, and each screw features either a #2 or #3 self-drilling point. Available in size #6, #8, #10 and #12, with lengths between 3/8” and 1”.

•  Phillips pan head screws: Our self-drilling pan head screws are also available in a Phillips head configuration. Like the square pan head screws, each features a #2 or #3 self-drilling point and are made of zinc-coated steel. #6, #8 and #10 sizes are available, with lengths between 3/8” and 3”.

•  Phillips pan framing screws: Pan framing screws are suitable for fastening steel track or drywall to wood. Two sizes are available: a #6 screw with a 7/16” length, and a #7 x 7/16” screw. Both feature a #2 or #3 self-drilling point and are made from zinc-plated carbon steel.

In addition to our pan head products, we carry a range of other self-drilling screws with various headstyles. Need assistance choosing the best screw for your application? Our sales team is just a phone call away. We’d be happy to go over the specifics of your job and recommend the appropriate fastener.
Dependable Screws at a Price That Works for You
Our self-drilling pan head screws are one of our best-selling all-purpose products. Like all All Points wood screws, they are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, ensuring you get a consistently reliable product without breaking the bank.

When you make All Points Fasteners your choice for all your hardware needs, you are working with a company that will go the extra mile to win your business. We fulfill every order promptly and provide long-term support for everything we sell. Call our office, and you’ll reach a knowledgeable representative who can provide advice and assistance with any fastening issue. Whether it’s a rush order or a special fastener to meet the unique demands of your project, we can help.
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We are happy to provide FREE Samples of any pan head screw or other product to all new customers after you have approved your competitive quote so you can feel confident before placing your order. Contact our office to place your order.
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