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Reamer Tek® Screws

Self-Drilling Screws
The Ultimate WOOD-TO-STEEL Screw is the Reamer Tek® Screw

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Reamer TEK® Screws
Phillips flat reamer TEK® fasteners are durable wood-to-metal self-drilling screws suitable for a range of different applications . Available in bulk from All Points Fasteners Inc., these products are an ideal choice for HVAC equipment and ductwork installation . Use the order form on this page to request a quote on our Reamer screws, or contact our office directly with any questions you may have about these or other wood-to-steel screws in our inventory.
Product Details
Distinguishing characteristics of our reamer TEK® screws include a pair of metal wings located on the screw shank. These wings are designed to ream out the wood, breaking off when they come into contact with 16 gauge or thicker metal. As a result, the screw thread is prevented from engaging prematurely into the timber. For this reason, reamer TEK® screws are often called wing-tipped screws.

All Points Fasteners sells reamer TEK® screws in several shank size and length configurations. Made of zinc-plated steel, our products are available in a #2 Phillips drive size with a #3 or #4 drill point. A finer thread count of 16, 20 or 24 TPI greatly reduces the risk of snapping by preventing the screw from rotating faster than the bit when drilling into thick materials.
A Premium Product at an Affordable Price
At All Points Fasteners , we understand the need among contractors and OEMs for products that deliver reliable quality at a price that works for their budget. Our wood-to-steel screws and other fastening products are just one component of a complete assembly, but they’re an important one that can’t be compromised when it comes to reliability.
Your Partner for All Your Fastening Needs
A premium product is only one benefit of making All Points your leading supplier of reamer TEK® screws. When you purchase Reamer screws from us, you are working with a company that’s committed to building lifelong partnerships with its customers. We do this by providing support and expertise every step of the way, from the moment you request a quote to the day you receive your purchase and beyond.

Be sure to contact us with any questions you have about any of our products. Looking for a specific wood-to-metal screw for an upcoming job and unsure which is the right one? We’d be happy to help. Browse our website for more information or, better yet, get in touch with a team member directly.
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TEK Screw Phillips Flat Reamer
TEK Screw Phillips Flat Reamer

Coating is a three layer, multi-step dip/spin bake process which provides
1000 hour salt spray certification in accordance with ASTM B117


Designed for fastening wood to metal (12-000 gauge).

Reamer wings designed to keep wood from splitting and helps countersink the head.
Flat head for countersunk wood applications where very low profile head is desired.
Shank slot for optimum threading performance.

Ultimate Value Charts

Screws driven into steel were driven with three exposed threads on the off side of the connection,
then pulled out with testing machine.

Note that all results were obtained in strict adherence to ASTM protocol.
These ultimate figures are offered only as a guide and are not guaranteed.

A 4:1 safety ratio is recommended.


Installation Guidelines

Screwgun with torque adjustment. Overdriving may result in fastener failure or strikeout of the work surface.

The fastener is fully seated when the head's bearing surface is flush with the material being attached.

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