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Sheet Metal Gauge Chart

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Sheet Metal Gauge Chart

Sheet Metal Gauges and Sheet Metal Screws

Sheet metal derives its name from the fact that it’s formed into thin, flat pieces that make it extremely easy to work with. The actual thickness of the sheet is indicated in terms of a unit of measurement referred to as gauge. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the metal sheet. The standard sheet metal gauge range begins at 30 on the thin end and drops down to 7 at the thicker end of the scale.

However, the actual thickness and corresponding gauge will differ depending on the type of metal. Many metals are capable of being produced as sheet metal in gauges greater than 30 or less than 7.
Screws used for fastening sheet metal to wood or metal objects are typically manufactured from either standard steel, galvanized steel or aluminum. As you can see on the metal thickness gauge chart below, the actual gauge and corresponding thickness can vary significantly depending on the metal.

For instance, a sheet of 30-gauge standard steel measures 0.012”, compared to 0.0157” for 30-gauge galvanized steel and 0.01” for aluminum. On the thicker end, 9-gauge standard steel is 0.1495”, compared to 0.1532” for galvanized steel and 0.1144” for aluminum.

You’ll also notice that the gauge ranges differ, running from 3-36 for standard steel, 9-32 for galvanized steel and 3-35 for aluminum.

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Types of Sheet Metal Screws Available from All Points Fasteners

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All Points Fastener s is your headquarters for high-quality sheet metal screws at affordable prices. We offer Type A and Type A/B screws in various sizes. Type A sheet metal screws include threads with wider spacing, making them better-suited for use in thin metal materials or plywood. Type A/B screws feature a greater number of threads per inch and work better in less stable materials.

​Our specific versions of sheet metal screws include:

Our sheet metal screws are produced from premium 20-gauge standard steel sheet metal with a zinc coating for additional corrosion protection. As you can see on the metal thickness gauge chart, 20-gauge sheet metal has a thickness of 0.0359”.
In addition to offering domestic-quality sheet metal screws and other fasteners at imported prices, All Points Fasteners provided a level of customer support that’s unmatched in our industry. Unlike our competitors, we make available a live chat feature so you can ask our knowledgeable support staff about product specifications and receive reliable product selection guidance.

We believe that by doing whatever it takes to meet the needs of every customer, we can establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

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