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•  Self-Drilling (type of TEK® screw)
      TEK Roofing Screws| All
      Reamer Tek Screws | Wood and Metal Screw for Sale

•  Self-Piercing (type of ZIP® screw)

•  Self-Piercing (type of ZIP® screw) - Ceramic Coated  | Gutter & Siding  |  Roofing / Carports / Barn 

•  Sheet Metal Screws - Type A and A/B

•  Gutter & Siding
      Hex Washer Head Zip with Fillet |
      Hex Washer Head Painted Zips |
      HWH Ceramic Coated |
      HWH Needlepoint 410 Stainless |
      HWH Needlepoint Copper Plated |
      HWH Needlepoint Copper Plated 18-8 Stainless Steel |
      Needlepoint Ceramic Coated |       
      HWH Needlepoint Ceramic Coated |
      HWH Zip Fillet Ceramic Coated |
      HWH Zip Fillet Ceramic Coated TY17 |
      HWH Zip Fillet Ceramic Coated w/Neo |
      HWH Zip Fillet Hi/Lo  Ceramic Coated Ty17 Un-Slotted |
      HWH Zip Fillet Hi/Lo Ceramic Coated Ty17 w/Neo |

•  Roofing / Carports / Barns

•  Decking / Spas

  •  Woodworking

  •  Drywall

  •  Miscellaneous Screws