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Stainless Hex Washer Head Screws

Self-Drilling Screws

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Hex Washer Head Screws
Stainless steele self-drilling screws are mainly available in two different types of stainless.  For simplicity's sake, le's call them 'magnetic' stainless and 'non-magnetic stainless.  410 stainless (magnetic) and 18-8 or 310 stainless (non-magnetic).  All Points Fasteners can also provide 'bi-metal' self-drilling screws.  These are 'tek' screws that have pure stainless bodies but the points are made of carbon steel so that they can do the job of drilling through sheets of stainless steel.
What are Stainless Self-Drilling Screws Used For?
Contractors often use hex washer head screws in metal-to-metal and wood-to-metal applications due to their durability and security. You can use them for fastening sheet metal and light steel, as well for light metal framing. Use them to tightly secure gutter systems, or utilize them to install insulation in garage doors or other areas.

These screws are also useful in metal roofing projects for sheds, warehouses and other industrial buildings. They're also a favorite in the construction industry because of how quickly you can work with them.

Beyond the screw's self-puncturing tips and double lead threads, the head features a design that minimizes slippage — which means that you can keep the socket on the screw with having to continually reset your grip. The built-in washer underneath the head also helps to distribute surface pressure, increasing structural integrity.

What Options Do We Carry?
All Points is a premier provider of all kinds of 1/4", self-drilling hex washer head screws. We offer unpainted and painted versions, including popular colors like red, black and silver to match with your preferred material.

All of our indented, slotted hex washer head screws include needlepoints and twin lead thread designs, though gauges and lengths will vary. Both the painted and unpainted screws come in the following measurements:

  • #6 x 3/8"
  • #8 x 1/2"
  • #8 x 3/4"
  • #8 x 1"
  • #8 x 1-1/4"
  • #8 x 1-1/2"
  • #10 x 1"
  • #10 x 1-1/4"
  • #10 x 1-1/2"
  • #10 x 2"
  • #10 x 3"

Smaller sizes are excellent for thin substrates that require a tight hold without breaking their integrity. Longer sizes are often used in gutter installation due to their high withdrawal resistance, which allows them to bear the heavy loads of continued water flow and built-up debris. Sheet metal versions of these screws range into even higher sizes, with gauges going up to #14 and lengths pushing 4".

Our screws feature a rust-resistance build, which means that they can handle both indoor and outdoor applications with little worry. You'll have plenty of options with case quantities, depending on the selection. Some cases carry yields as low as 1,500, but they can scale up to 25,000 for large-scale projects and long-term applications.
Find the Best Hex Washer Head Screws at All Points
Our staff understands the nuances of every fastener we carry, including our hex washer head screws. Browse our online inventory today, or chat with us to ask any questions you might have.

indented HEX washer head unslotted screws for sale

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