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Stainless Modified Truss Screws

Dacromet® Coated
Self-Drilling Screws

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Modified Truss Screws
Specialized fasteners are often necessary for completing vital tasks, but they can also leave you in a bit of a jam if they can't handle other jobs proficiently.

When your job calls for a versatile fastener that can perform in multiple situations without a loss of quality, the right screw can set up your project for long-term durability and success. In that regard, All Points Fasteners carries a wide range of modified truss screws, which stand out as reliable pieces of hardware that are hard to top.
How Can You Use Modified Truss Screws?
Self-tapping, modified truss screws — also known as wafer head, round washer head and k-lathe screws — fit the needs of numerous industries, from woodworking to sheet metal fastening to HVAC.

These screws are self-drilling and self-tapping, which means that you can begin installation without having to create a pilot hole first. This advantage allows for quick work, which is a massive benefit in businesses that require tasks to be finished quickly and efficiently.

Use them for attaching pieces of ductwork in a house's central air system or to install insulation onto both metal and wood surfaces. You can connect girders and siding to structures, or you could even use them in light metal framing projects with aluminum or another thin-gauge substrate.

The general-purpose approach of this screw design also positions it as a favorable option for furniture and electronics usage, as well as for retrofitting of lighting fixtures and drywall installation .
What Kinds of Self-Drilling, Modified Truss Head Screws Do We Carry?
You won't have to worry about cam-outs thanks to the sturdy, slip-resistant design of our screws. We offer modified truss screws in the mold of our own Tek® designs, as well as in traditional needlepoint. The difference lies in the points.

  • Tek® screws: Tek® screws function well in metal-to-wood applications. They feature zinc-coated steel to increase their overall environmental resistance, which makes them well-suited for humid environments that might encourage corrosion. We offer #3 Tek® points with #2 Phillips heads for general convenience.

  • Needlepoint screws: Needlepoint screws will give you better penetration between similar substrates. They feature a #8 gauge that's available in numerous lengths and can be ordered in either zinc steel or 410 stainless steel material.

We offer painted and unpainted heads on our modified truss screws, depending on your application. If the heads stick out noticeably, we offer black, white and beige options to match popular colors for a smooth overall finish. We can also do custom painting upon request.

Choose from a variety of case quantities, which range up to 16,000 individual units for large-scale projects and long-term usage.

Trust All Points to Give You the Best Modified Truss Screws
Between free samples, monthly deals and custom requests, you won't find a fastener provider that will set you up for success better than All Points Fasteners. Browse our online inventory today, or chat with us to ask any questions you might have.
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