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Stainless Pan Head Screws


Self-Drilling Screws

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Pan Head Screws
An all-purpose screw can help tremendously with completing a vast range of jobs — from metal to wood to every other substrate in between — without much hassle or specialization.

If you need a viable substitute for a typical round or truss screw, pan head screws can handle the call. All Points Fasteners offers several variations of the standard pan head, which will set you up for success no matter what situation you find yourself in.
How Can You Use Pan Head Screws?
Pan heads, which feature a lower profile than other round top screws and cylindrical sides with a flat bearing surface, are often used in machinery applications that require a tight hold. In addition to holding together machine parts, self-drilling pan head screws are also used to assemble guardrails and metal frames, as well to apply insulation, roofing materials and sheet metal siding to buildings.

These screws don't stick out as much as other options, so you can create a smoother surface without having to worry about snags.

You'll also find these screws in many woodworking applications. Thanks to their durable self-tapping bits, they can safely apply metal to wood without decreased withdrawal resistance. They're also used to complete face frames for cabinetry, which is a critical component for the unit's structural integrity.
What Kinds of Pan Head Screws Do We Offer?
Our stainless steel pan head screws are one of our most varied products, which means that we can likely provide the best fastener for your circumstances.

We offer both square and Phillips heads on our pan head screws for superior versatility in your applications. The square heads feature either a #2 or #3 self-drilling point. They're available in gauges #6, #8, #10 and #12 with lengths between 3/8” and 1”. Phillips heads also come in #2 and #3 self-drilling points, and gauges range from #6 to #10 with lengths between 3/8” and 3”.

If you need framing screws for woodworking projects, we offer multiple thread levels to meet your specifications. You can select from coarsely threaded screws — which work well with light woods that need aggressive screws that bite into their loose fibers — or finer threads that can weasel their way in between the tight structure of hardwoods like oak and maple.

We can cover all of our pan head screws with a zinc coating, which drastically increases the hardware's resistance to environmental factors. This feature allows you to use these screws on both indoor and outdoor applications.
Trust All Points to Provide the Best Pan Head Screws
Our knowledgeable, trustworthy customer service team will do all they can to make your shopping experience a positive one. We take into account your needs and parlay that information into appropriate suggestions that fit with your specifications. We will never try to sell you on something that you don't need, as we care about creating a long-term relationship with you.

Browse our online inventory today, or chat with us to ask any questions you might have.
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