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Sheet Metal Screws
Type A and A/B Point

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Stainless Hex Washer Head
Sheet Metal Screws


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Sheet Metal Hex Washer Head Screws
Fastening metal to various substrates can be a tough task that requires the best tools and hardware.

You'll receive optimal performance and supreme versatility when you use All Points Fasteners' hex washer head screws for sheet metal. Our products have a litany of features that make them an unbeatable choice for any job that involves metal-to-metal and metal-to-wood applications.

What Are Sheet Metal Hex Washer Head Screws Used For?
You'll see hex washer head screws deployed in many industries due to their security, quickness and versatility. If you work in housing and building construction, you can use these screws to install HVAC ductwork, insulation, siding, roofing and gutter systems with relative ease. They also work well in many machinery applications, as well as framing construction and adjustments.

In industries where time management is essential, you won't have to worry about wasting potential with these screws. While many screws require the pre-drilling of a pilot hole to ensure a clean installation, hex washer heads feature self-tapping points that allow you to skip some steps without sacrificing quality. A built-in washer underneath the head evenly distributes the pressure of the screw to prevent damage while lessening the chances of gradual loosening.
What Options Do We Carry?
You won't find a fastener producer that carries our range of products, and that's especially true of our hex washer head screws. All of our screws are made in the United States with top-quality stainless steel, so they'll be worth every penny you spend.

The screws, which feature both Type A and A/B points for self-drilling, come in a vast range of gauges and sizes to suit various applications. If you're dealing with razor-thin aluminum, slice right through it with a #6 x 1/4" screw. We also offer gauges that range up to #14 for heavy-duty steel working. Depending on the gauge, we also have lengths that range from 1/4" to 4".

Each of our options features a head that promotes duality. You can choose to install and remove them with sockets, but you can also use a flat head driver to access them thanks to their slotted top indent.

You won't need to worry about those screws rusting in place either, as they utilize zinc-coated steel to resist corrosion in nearly any environment. From the bone-shivering cold of winter to the sweltering humidity of summer, your screws will remain accessible.
Order Your Sheet Metal Hex Washer Head Screws From All Points
Our ultimate goal is to serve you, our customer. We offer free samples of products to ensure the proper fit, and we also have monthly specials to give you the ultimate value in your purchase. And if we don't carry what you're looking for, we'll find it for you.

You can rely on our customer service team to offer you solutions, not excuses. Browse our online inventory today, or chat with us to ask any questions you might have.
A/B Point indented HEX washer head slotted screw

3/8" HEX washer head unslotted screw

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