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Winged Wire Connectors

Winged Wire Connectors

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Applications for Winged Wire Connectors
For applications where standard twist-on wire connectors are not sufficient, a reliable wing wire nut may be just what you need. We offer an array of wing nut wire connector products for your convenience. Our selection includes 600V UV-rated 22-10 Yellow, 18-10 Red and 14-6 Blue wing wire nuts, as well as 14-10 Green, 18-8 Gray and 22-6 Hex Tan varieties.
How Do Twist-On Wire Connectors Work and Why Do I Need Winged Wire Connectors?
Twist-on wire connectors, or wire nuts, are products you will use in electrical work to connect two low-voltage wires. They can be extremely convenient when working on electrical systems related to HVAC, construction and even roofing, as they are easy to apply and offer a tight, connection in environment-resistant, insulating plastic. They are color-coded by connector size/capacity for your convenience. When applicable, they offer a great advantage over other fastening techniques like soldering, because they make the connection easy to do and to undo if you need to make adjustments.
So why wing wire nuts? Typically, wire nuts are connected by hand, and if you are installing and uninstalling a lot of these connections, this can result in operator muscle fatigue or even repetitive stress injuries. When substituting traditional wire nuts with winged wire nuts, you can now use a tool like a nut driver to easily connect and disconnect your wires without having to resort to doing it by hand, although you still can attach or detach a wing wire nut by hand if you have to.

Why Do I Need All Points Fasteners for My Winged Wire Connectors?
Whether you work in HVAC, roofing, construction or any business that involves electrical wiring, you'll always want to contact All Points Fasteners first for your wire nut, wing wire nut and other fastening needs. We have a reputation for ultimate customer service, and we promise it is well-deserved. We always offer a quick response to any question or concern you might have, even featuring live chat on our website so you can often get an answer immediately. We will bend over backward to make sure we get you just the product you need when it comes to construction fasteners. We even provide free samples of our products if necessary so you can be sure you're getting exactly what you expect and what you need.

We'd love to show you some of our fantastic fastener products right now. To start working with All Points Fasteners, all you have to do is fill out the form below right now and submit it. Let us know about your company and what your needs are. We'll be in touch fast to discuss your order and put together a free quote for you. Contact us today!
Winged Wire Nuts
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